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Oracle Taleo Online Training

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Course description

Rainbow Training Institute Offering Oracle Taleo Online Training with Fusion advance versions . In this training we will cover both Recruiting and Onboarding.

Rainbow Taleo training will help you develop an in depth of understanding of how to make Taleo Recruiting Center and on boarding Configuration work for your business.

Once You enrol This course we will provide :

- 2 Months server Access 

- 3 Months Video access (Daily Base Class Videos You can able get access in Rainbow site)

- Material Access 


Course Content



a.            Taleo Enterprise Edition Products

b.            Career Sections

c.             Recruiting Center

d.            e Share

e.            Configuration

f.             Transition Center

g.            Performance

h.            Oracle Business Intelligence

i.              Oracle Tap (Mobile Enabled Applications)

j.             Sample Recruiting Workflow

Smart Org (OLF)

i.              Smart Org at Work

ii.             Smart Org in configurations

iii.            Smart Org in Requisitions File

iv.           Smart Org in the Candidate File



a.            Administer Access

b.            Configuration Menu

c.             Taleo Configuration Settings

i.              General configurations

d.            Color Themes/ Logo/ Release Notes

e.            Welcome Center/ Welcome Center Content

f.             Access Custom Portal/ Taleo Knowledge Exchange


3.Organizational Management (Smart Org)

a.            Smart Org Administration

b.            OLF Contextualization

c.             OLF Parent Child Relationships

d.            Operation mode


4.User & Group Management

a.            User Types

b.            Modify Permissions

c.             User Accounts

d.            User Groups

e.            Candidate Pool Segmentation

f.             Personal Coverage Area


5.Security Configuration

a.            User Account security & Password settings

b.            Security Questions

c.             Security Message templates

d.            Legal agreements setup


6.Navigations in Recruiting Cloud

a.            Recruiting Users/User Roles/ Types/ Groups

b.            Recruiting Center

i.              Sign-in Authorization message

ii.             Recruiting Center Home Page/By Role


7.Recruiting Configuration

a.            Recruiting Configuration Menu

b.            Recruiting Settings


8.Configuration Profiles

a.            Configuration Profile options

b.            Configuration profile in user account

c.             Associating Configuration profile to a user

d.            Setting Default Configuration Profile


9.Center Stage & Communication Channel

a.            Center Stage Options/ Setup

b.            Center stage transitions

c.             User type permissions

d.            Communications channel (Default & Custom)


10.Taleo Standard Fields

a.            Filed configurations

b.            Context and exceptions

c.             Fields & User Types

d.            Display of some requisition fields


11.Taleo User-defined Fields

a.            Types of user defined fields

b.            Standard predefined selections

c.             User defined filed configurations

d.            Creating large selection fields

e.            Values masking

f.             Display of some requisition fields


12.Requisition Creation & Approvals

a.            Requisition creation process flow

b.            Requisition Types

c.             Requisition Wizard

d.            Requisition File & Fields

e.            Requisition Approvals

f.             Requisition Statuses


13.Approval Management

a.            Standard approvals

b.            Dynamic approval routing

i.              Setting up functional roles

ii.             Setting up hierarchical roles



14.Requisition Forms & Files

a.            Requisition File Contents

b.            Flexibility of configuring files

c.             Forms & files configuration process

d.            Fields and forms

e.            Form Structure

f.             File Structure

g.            Blocks & Forms

h.            File Properties & Sections

i.              Requisition File Setup

j.             Requisition File Variations

k.            Requisition file in configuration profile


15.Taleo Pre-Screening process – ACE Methodology (Abilities, Certificates & Experience)

a.            Multi-Tier Screening Model

b.            Pre-Screening questions process flow

c.             Types of Questions

d.            Pre-screening section

e.            Pre-screening ACE Alerts


16.Requisition Management

a.            View Requisitions

b.            Requisition Icons/ List Icons

c.             Requisition Actions

d.            Requisition Groups Security


17.Requisition Posting & Sourcing

a.            Posting & Sourcing process flow

b.            Adding sources

c.             Creating a new event

d.            Sourcing user type permissions

e.            Source settings

f.             Job Posting distribution suppliers

g.            Candidate sourcing services

h.            Configuring sourcing services

i.              End user perspective

j.             Gateways

k.            Posting a Requisition to career sections

l.              Social Sourcing

m.           Social Sourcing Configuration

n.            Social Sourcing Integration

o.            Source Tracking

p.            Employee Skills

q.            Recommend to a program

r.             Referral program information



18.Candidate Experience (Internal & External Career Sections)

a.            Profiler Vs Job application

b.            General Profile

c.             Job Search options

d.            Application Flow Design

e.            Style, Branding & Entry points

f.             My Job Page

g.            Third Party Login and Upload Profile options

h.            Employee Referrals


19.Career sections configurations

a.            Activating career section hit tracking

b.            Connecting with Google+

c.             Career section administration

d.            Producing career sections – statements

i.              Viewing/Masking diversity statements

ii.             Viewing/Using e Signature statements

iii.            Setting Statement properties

iv.           Display statement to candidates

e.            Producing career sections – User Defined forms

i.              Creating user defined forms

ii.             Examining types of forms

iii.            Editing user defined forms

iv.           Configuring field availability

v.            Masking personal information

f.             Producing career sections – Diversity forms

i.              Analyzing diversity forms (Candidates view)

ii.             Viewing standard Taleo diversity forms

iii.            Creating new diversity forms

iv.           Collecting diversity data (US)

g.            Producing career sections - Application flows

i.              Viewing application flows

ii.             Main flow types

iii.            Standard Taleo application flows

iv.           Setting application flow properties

v.            Building flows

vi.           Working with flow and block properties

h.            Producing career sections –Career sections

i.              Types of career sections

ii.             Building career sections

iii.            Analyzing career section components

iv.           Setting career section properties

v.            Examining career section URL’s

i.              Enhancing career section with themes

i.              Producing career section themes

ii.             Providing an overview of themes

iii.            Applying themes to career sections

iv.           Working with configurable elements

j.             Producing career sections – Career Portal Pages

i.              Overview of career portal pages

ii.             Candidates view of career sections

iii.            Configuring career portal pages

iv.           Examining/Setting faceted searches

v.            Laying out career portal pages

k.            Producing career sections – General Configurations

i.              Configuring Career section settings

ii.             Creating career section URL’s

iii.            Personalized job list

iv.           Examining Requisitions status

v.            Examining matched candidate display

l.              Producing career sections – Security Settings


20.Candidate Search in Recruiting Center

a.            Search Tools

b.            Candidate Pool Segmentation

c.             OFCCP Compliance (USA) Search Features

d.            Actions

e.            Candidate Folder


21.Access and View Candidate Lists and Files

a.            Candidate List Format

i.              List format properties

ii.             Modify list formats

iii.            Adding columns

iv.           Permissions

v.            Filters

vi.           Context details

vii.          List format in configuration profiles

b.            Candidate File

c.             Candidate Field Options


22.Take Actions on Candidates

a.            Action from Candidate List & Candidate File

i.              Create Candidate

ii.             File Setups

iii.            File in Configuration profile

iv.           User type permissions

b.            Create Candidate process flow


23.Move Candidates through selection workflow (CSW)

a.            Candidate Selection Workflow

b.            CSW Change status, Change Step & Skip Step

c.             Dispositioning Candidates


24.Candidate selection workflow (CSW)

a.            Essential Steps

b.            Duplicating an existing CSW

c.             Step selection, sequencing and settings

d.            Step Customization

e.            Status Customization

f.             Associate OLF and Requisition Type to CSW

g.            CSW user type permissions

h.            Candidate selection settings

i.              Automatically reject end candidates


25.Explore correspondence and optional actions

a.            Send correspondence Action

b.            Create Self-Assigned Action

c.             Schedule and Interview Action

d.            Evaluation Management

e.            Fill out form action


26.Correspondence manager

a.            User’s view

b.            Recruiting message templates

c.             Templates & Paragraphs

d.            Manual & Automatic Delivery

e.            Mail sensitivity

f.             User Type Permissions



27.Make Offers and Hire Candidates

a.            Offer Process Flow

b.            The Offer Grid

c.             Offer Letter & Field options

d.            Electronic Offer (e-offer)

e.            Hire automatic transactions


28.Examine Manager Options

a.            Hiring Manager Permissions

b.            Manager Notifications

c.             Manager Front Page Configuration

d.            Oracle Tap mobile application (Hiring Manager Worklist)


29.On boarding (Transitions) Process

a.            Overview

b.            Four types of process used in On boarding (Transitions) Process

c.             Components of an On boarding (Transitions) Process

d.            On boarding (Transitions) Process job aid

e.            On boarding (Transitions) Process Interfaces

i.              On boarding (Transitions) center

1.            Process progress bar

ii.             On boarding (Transitions) Administration

iii.            Tasks tab in career section

iv.           Email and response center (simplified task list)

f.             Analyzing & Designing a new hire process

i.              Analyzing a process

1.            Illustrating current process flowchart

2.            Identify Basic steps & recognize key terms          

ii.             Designing a process

1.            Create steps in a process

2.            Create transitions to link steps

3.            Steps & Associations

iii.            Define Tasks

1.            Accessing/Creating tasks

2.            Create a step from task

iv.           Components of an onboarding process

1.            Add steps to the process

2.            Links steps in the process through transitions

3.            Split and merge the process through multiple transitions

v.            Conditions to transitions

1.            Date Based

2.            Field based

g.            UDF Fields/ selections/categories/eSignatures

h.            Forms & Correspondence creation process

i.              Access/create forms

ii.             Designating element properties

iii.            Included i-9 forms

iv.           E-signatures on forms

i.              On-boarding correspondence

i.              Message/Templates/Custom content

j.             Content on career section for new hires

i.              Accessing content page

ii.             Assembling content page

iii.            Adding images and PDF documents

iv.           Creating/loading documents

v.            Adding variables to custom PDF docs

k.            Final Tasks & Steps

i.              Sequencing steps

ii.             Deleting steps

l.              Career section tasks tab and Advanced e-offer

i.              Career sections task tab

ii.             Configuring tasks only career sections

iii.            Standard and Advanced E-offer

m.           Final Administration activities

i.              Onboarding(transitions) administration checklist

ii.             Setup external services

iii.            Creating Onboarding(transitions) users/roles/assignees/user types

iv.           Setting up Onboarding(transitions) channels

v.            Associating with CSW step


30.Reporting (OBIEE) in Taleo EE

a.            OBIEE Overview

b.            Recruiting and Onboarding Analysis


31.Taleo Client connect (TCC)

a.            Connect and navigate

b.            Integration user

c.             Exporting Data

d.            Setup Delivery options

Course audience

Oracle  Taleo Online Training

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Daily batch 6.30 to 8 Am IST (Monday to Friday )

Daily batch 8.30 to 10 Am IST (Monday to Friday )

 weekend Batch 6 to 9 Pm IST (Saturday and Sunday)

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