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Oracle Recruiting Cloud Online Training

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Course description

Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC) is the recruiting module within the Oracle HCM Cloud suite. ORC provides a seamlessly integrated solution for sourcing, recruiting and on boarding, and delivers distinct benefits and returns when compared to the previous standalone Taleo offering.


Rainbow Training Institute Offering ORC Training In This Course will cover with Oracle Recruiting Cloud & Oracle on boarding Cloud & Oracle Global HR this 3 modules covered detail level. Course duration 70 Hours.

Course Content

Course Overview


Learning Objectives

Course Objectives

Course Agenda


Introduction to Recruiting


Learning Objectives

Setting Up HCM with Functional Setup Manager (FSM)

What Will Be Configured at the End of this Course

Recruiting Process Lifecycle


Implementation Steps Overview

Accessing Recruiting Areas within HCM


Getting to Know Recruiting – the End User Experience


Learning Objectives

End Users Involved in the Recruiting Process

End User Activities

End User Applications

End User Experience: Rules and Strategies

Recruiting Process Lifecycle


Configuring Recruiting Users and Security


Recruiting Users and Security: Introduction

Recruiting Role-based Security

Configuring Recruiting Users and Security

Manage Job Requisition Security Profiles

Sample Comparison for Recruiting Functions

Data (Security Profile): Rules and Strategies

Define Area of Responsibility (AOR)


Recruiting and Candidate Experience Management


Recruiting and Candidate Experience Management: Introduction

Recruiting and Candidate Experience Management: Tasks

Recruiting Content Library Introduction

Recruiting Content Library

Geography Hierarchies Introduction

Geography Hierarchy: Implementation List

Geography Hierarchies: Rules and Strategies


Configuring Pre screening Questions


Pre screening Questionnaires: Introduction

Comparison: DQ vs. Pre screening Questions 6-6

Configuring Questions for Recruiting

Assembling Questionnaires

Disqualification Question Setup and Scoring

Pre screening Question Scoring

Instructor Demonstration

Pre-screening questions: Privileges 6-13

Pre-screening questions: Strategies


Configuring Job Requisition Management


Job Requisition Management Configuration: Intro

The Power of Job Requisition Templates

Three types of Job Requisition Templates

Job Requisition Templates: Section and Field Contents

Configure Req. Fields using HCM Exp. Design Studio

Configuring Job Requisition Templates: 7-11

Standalone Templates: Rules and Strategies


Configuring Notifications and Alerts


Recruiting Notifications and Alerts

Notifications and Alerts Categories

Notification Comparison Chart

Configuring Automated Job Application Notifications

Configuring Recruiting Workflow Event Notifications


Configuring the Candidate Selection Process


Candidate Selection Process

Configuring a Candidate Selection Process (CSP)

Configuring Phases and States in a CSP

Phases and States Chart

Automatically Progress Candidates with Move Action

Prevent Moving Candidates in States with a Move Cond

Bypass Extending Offers to Candidates in Offer Phase

Special Options to Modify Candidate Selection Process

Define Reject and Withdraw Reasons


Configuring Job Application Flows


Job Application Flow: Introduction

Two Ways to Create a New Application Flow Version

Flow Sections and Blocks

Three Types of Flows

Request Information Flow Details

Sensitive Personal Information

Job Application Flow Options

Verify/Modify Fields within Manage Profile Types

Configuring a Job Application Flow


Configuring Career Sites for the Candidate Experience


Career Site Introduction

Career Site Templates

Instructor Demonstration

Custom Style

Add This Integration

Add This Code Placement

Configuring Career Sites



Configuring Job Offers


Offer Phase Overview

Job Offer Lifecycle (External Candidate Sample) 

Job Offer Components

Job Offers: Typical Privileges and Responsibilities

Configuring Job Offers

Job Offers: Rules and Strategies

Adjust Offer Letters after Offer Template is Selected

Job Offer Letter Template


Configuring Interview Scheduling and its Features


Recruiting Campaigns


Agency Hiring


Scheduled Processes


Final End User Experience



 Core HR Training

Over view of the application

Over view of FSM

Security Console

Enterprise Structure

Employment Model

Person Number Generation

Legal Address

Legal Entity

Legal Employers

Payroll Statutory Unit


Key Flex Fields

Descriptive Flex Fields

Value Sets

Value Set Values

Reference Data Sets

Business Unit

Security Overview

Roles Concepts

Security Concepts

Manage Workforce Structures

Define Locations

Define Grades

Define Grades Rates

Define Job Families

Define Jobs

Define Departments

Define Positions

Define Position Tree

Define Department Tree

Define Organization Tree


Add New Person


Create Contingent Worker

Create Pending Worker

Convert Pending Worker

Hire Employee

Rehire Employee

Employee Self Service

Change Marital Status

Change Address

Add/Change Email Address/Phone number

Add/Update Contacts(Relationship)

Add/Change Personal Payment Methods

Manage Absence Records



Manage Employment Information


Start / End Probation Period

Manage Salary

Change Manger/Manage Direct Reports

Change Location

Change Grade

Change Position, Job

Promote a worker

Transfer a worker

Global Transfer

Perform Worker Mass Transfer

Manage Employees Personal Information

Contacts details – Dependants

Contact details – Email address, phone, marital status

Legislative Information – Citizenship, Visa Details, etc

Terminate Work Relationship

Reverse Termination


Manager Self Service


Change Legal Employer

Change Location

Change Manager

Change Working Hours

Manage Direct Reports


Promote an Employee

Transfer an Employee

Course audience

MBA Fresher 

Recruiting Experince Persons 

Taleo  Experince Persons

HR Experince Persons

Trainig Hours

Monday to Friday (7 to 8.30 AM IST)

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