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Oracle Fusion Planning Central Cloud Online Training

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Course description

This Introduction to Oracle SCM Cloud: Planning Central training identifies demand planning methods and tools that planners have available in Planning Central, including automatic forecasting analytics, and multidimensional data modeling. This course teaches you how to identify supply planning methods and features available in Planning Central, including supply chain modeling tools, resource and manufacturing planning requirements and using the planner work area.

Course Content

Introduction to Oracle Cloud

             Introduction to Oracle Cloud

             SAAS, PAAS and IAAS Overview

             Oracle SCM Cloud Capabilities: Overview

             Navigation Basics


Introduction to Functional Setup Manager and Quick Setup

             Implementation Planning

             Roles and Responsibilities


             Implementation Considerations

             SCM Simplified Setup: Overview

             Automated Setup of SCM Common Components

             Simplified Setup: Time Savings

             Best Practices

Enterprise Structure Overview

             Walkthrough on Enterprise Structure

             Differentiate E-Business Suite and Cloud Org Structure

             Business Unit Overview

             Business Unit Implementation

Demo on Connected Modules

             Fusion Product Data Hub

             Fusion Inventory Management and Costing

             Fusion Manufacturing

             Fusion Procurement

             Fusion Order Management

Oracle Planning Central Cloud Overview

             Describe different types of Planning Business Flows

             Create and manage Page Layouts

             Manage the Plan Summary Layout

             Manage Tables and Graphs

             Create Info tiles and Tile Sets

             Manage Material Planners

             Describe Administer Planning Security

             Manage Planning Profile Options

Supply Plans

             Manage Creating, Copying and Viewing a Supply Plan

             Apply Supply Plan options

             Configure Safety Stock Plan options

             Evaluate Supply Plan inputs

             Perform Running Supply Plan

             Describe Supply Planning Concepts

             Develop Modeling and Analyzing Supply Plan

             Manage Release Recommendations

             Analyze Demand Fulfillment

Data Collection

             Manage Data Collection from the Oracle Fusion Source System

             Explain Loading Planning Data from Files

             Analyze Collected Data in the Planning Data Repository


             Configure Exceptions and Exception Sets

             Analyze Exceptions in Plans


             Evaluate Demand/Supply Changes

             Execute Simulations

Demand Management

             Configure a Demand Plan

             Perform a Run and Manage Demand Plan

             Apply Forecasting Methods and Causal Factors

             Evaluate Forecast results and accuracy

             Describe Override Demand Forecast and Plan Approval

             Configure UOM and Currency

             Explain Disaggregation Parameters and Conditional Formatting

Supply Network Model

             Explain Supply Network Model

             Describe Approved Supplier List

             Create Assignment Sets, Sourcing Rules, and Bills of Distribution

             Apply Item Attributes for Supply Planning

             Describe A Drop Shipment

             Create a Drop Ship Plan

             Create Drop Ship Sourcing

             Configure a Drop Shipment Forecast

Advanced Fulfillment

             Describe Back to Back

             Explain Configure to Order

Course audience

  • Ø Cloud User

    Ø End Users

    Ø Implementation Consultant

    Ø Functional Implementer

Trainig Hours

Oracle fusion planning central cloud Online  Training 

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