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Oracle Fusion Product Hub Online Training

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Course description

Rainbow Oracle Fusion Product Hub Online Training explains and demonstrates the features, benefits, and functional architecture of Product Hub. It demonstrates how to implement a Product Hub offering using Functional Setup Manager.

This course is intended for implementers.

Learn To:

  • Demonstrate how to implement a Product Hub offering using Functional Setup Manager.
  • Manage items and catalogs.
  • Manage audit policy.
  • Import item data and upload supplier data.

Course Content

Introduction to Product Hub

Ø  Features of Product Hub

Ø  Key benefits of using Product Hub

Ø  Product Hub functionality architecture

Ø  Basics of navigation in Fusion Applications interface

Introduction to Functional Setup Manager

Ø  Functional overview of Functional Setup Manager

Ø  Roles and responsibilities

Ø  Implementing a Product Hub offering using Functional Setup Manager

Performing Initial Setup for Creating Items

Ø  Creating item organizations

Ø  Item class concepts

Ø  Creating item classes

Data Discovery

Creating Items

Ø  Item terminologies

Ø  Item setup tasks

Ø  Creating items

Ø  Implementing item relationships

Setting Up Item Attributes

Ø  Item attributes

Ø  Defining and assigning EFF attribute groups

Creating Structures and Packs

Ø  Overview of structures

Ø  Creating a product structure

Ø  Overview of packs

Ø  Creating a pack

Creating Catalogs

Ø  Overview of catalogs and categories

Ø  Creating and publishing catalogs

Performing Item Mass Updates

Setting Up Change Orders

Ø  Overview of change orders

Ø  Configuring change orders

Ø  Creating change orders

Ø  Viewing change orders

Ø  Optional configurations for change orders

Setting Up New Item Requests

Ø  Overview of new item requests

Ø  Configuring new item requests

Ø  Creating and managing new item requests

Defining Item Rules

Ø  Overview of item rules concepts

Ø  Creating item rules

Auditing Changes

Ø  Overview of audit trail functionality

Ø  Managing audit policy

Ø  Creating and publishing data audit history reports

Importing Data into Product Hub

Ø  Overview of importing item data

Ø  Defining spoke systems

Ø  Creating item batches

Ø  Loading data into item batches

Ø  Managing item batches

Managing Supplier Products

Ø  Overview of Managing Supplier Products

Ø  Setups for Managing Supplier Products

Ø  Managing Products


Ø  Overview of the publication process

Ø  Defining a spoke system and configuring its publication options

Ø  Scheduling the publication, viewing payloads, and accessing publication results

Course audience

Ø  Implementation Consultant

Ø  Functional Implementer

Trainig Hours

Ø  Flexible Hours Schedule available

Ø  One To One Training

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