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Oracle Fusion Procurement Online Training

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Course description

Rainbow Oracle Fusion Procurement Online Training: Procurement Implementation covers mandatory tasks that need to be performed once the system has been installed and provisioned for your use. Expert Rainbow instructors will help you explore common administration and configuration tasks through lectures, interactive demonstrations and hands-on activities.

Course Content

Procurement Application Overview 

Ø  Explain Procurement architecture and components

Ø  Explain simplified Procure to Pay flow

Ø  Explain Procurement applications integration

Fusion Functional Set Up Manager 

Ø  Explain the Application implementation lifecycle

Ø  Explain Functional Set Up Enterprise Roles

Ø  Plan an implementation

Ø  Configure offerings

Ø  Generate Set Up Task lists, Offerings, and Options

Ø  Assign Tasks to users

Ø  Manage implementation projects

Common Applications for Procurement 

Ø  Explain Enterprise Structures

Ø  Configure Applications security, Job roles, Duty roles, and Privileges

Ø  Create Business Units, common Payables, Procurement options, and Approval Management for Procurement

Common Procurement 

Ø  Manage Supplier configuration and Supplier site assignment

Ø  Define Payment Terms, UOM, Carriers, and Hazard Clauses

Ø  Define a Supplier Business classification lookup, Supplier Products, and the Services hierarchy

Ø  Create Freight Lookups, purchasing profile options, and Approved Supplier List statuses


Ø  Define Purchase Document Configuration and Document Styles

Ø  Define Business Unit Function configuration, Configure Procurement Business Unit, Document types, Change Order template

Ø  Define Receiving Parameters for Purchasing

Ø  Create Line Types and Change Orders, and assign Procurement agents

Ø  Set up Budgetary Control and Encumbrance accounting 

Ø  Set up Financial Orchestration Flow driven Procurement

Ø  Set up Procurement of Consigned Inventory from Supplier

Self Service Procurement

Ø  Explain Self Service Procurement

Ø  Manage Profile Options, Catalog categories, Content Maps, and configure Requisitioning Business Functions

Ø  Create Public Shopping Lists, Smart Forms, Catalog-Category Hierarchies, Templates and Punch Out 

Ø  Configure Requisition approvals

Supplier Portal

Ø  Explain objectives, Portal Setup, and maintenance

Ø  Create Portal Registration, Supplier Provisioning, and Default Roles

Ø  Explain Supplier business classification, internal and external supplier registrations


Ø  Explain Sourcing configuration objectives

Ø  Use Negotiation styles and Templates

Ø  Create Cost Factors, Attribute lists, Negotiation lookups, and Negotiation lists

Ø  Configure Negotiation and Award Approval, Surrogate Bidding, Online Message, Notification Summary, and two-stage RFQ

Ø  Explain how Supplier Qualification requirements can be captured during negotiations

Reporting and Business Intelligence for Procurement

Ø  Explain Reporting and Business Intelligence for Procurement

Ø  Configure OTBI , RTF Templates for POs, PRs, Dashboard metrics, and graphs in Purchasing work areas and Sourcing

Supplier Qualification Management (SQM)


Ø  Configure SQM and create Questions, Qualification Areas, and Models

Ø  Set up SQM Processes and manage Transactions, including Initiatives, Responses, Evaluation of Assessments, and Qualifications

Procurement Contract

Ø  Configure a Contract Terms Library

Ø  Create Contract Terms, Procurement Contract, Approvals, and Contract Fulfillment

Course audience


Ø  Implementation Consultant

Trainig Hours

Ø  Flexible Hours Schedule available

Ø  One To One Training

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