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Oracle Fusion Financials Training In Hyderabad

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Course description

Rainbow Training Institute Offering Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training In Hyderabad with Fusion advance versions. Oracle Fusion Financials is a modular suite of financial applications designed to work as a complete financial solution or as modular extensions to your existing financial applications portfolio. In This Training Below Listed Of Modules we are going to cover Functional side and technical side.


Rainbow Training Institute provides Oracle Fusion Financials Training In Hyderabad from India at a reasonable price by top best expert trainers at flexible timings with online, cooperate training as well as classroom training.


Modules Offering Functional side:


1.Oracle Cloud General Ledger (GL)

2.Oracle Cloud Purchasing (PO)

3.Oracle Cloud Account Payables (AP)

4.Oracle Cloud Account Receivables (AR)

5.Oracle Cloud Cash Management (CM)

6.Oracle Cloud Fixed Asset (FA)

7.Oracle Fusion TAX

8.Oracle Fusion Expenses


Topics  Offering Technical side:


1. spreadsheet loader (Adfdi)

2. File based data loader (FBDL)

3.Fusion Security

4.BPM Approval Process

 5.BI And OTBI Reports 

Course Content

Oracle Fusion General Ledger Agenda :GL


1.Create Implementation Project

2.Run User And Roles Synchronization Process

3.Manage Enterprise HCM Information

4.Define Initial Configuration(Establish Enterprise Structures)

5.Define Division

6.Define Legal Addresses

7.Define Legal Entity

8.Legal Entity HCM Information (Explain)

9.Assign Legal entity to LDG

10.Define Currencies(Upload Daily Rates Using spreadsheet Loader)

11.Define Calendars

12.Define Chart Of Accounts

14.Define Primary Ledger

15.Explianation of  Ledger  roles Template

16.Explianation Of S-Base cubes

17.Assign Roles To User

18.Open Periods

19.Create Journal Manual

20.Create Journal With Spread Sheet

21.Journal Creation With FBDI

22.Journal Approval

23.Auto Post Journals

24.Manual Journal Reversal/Auto Reversal Journals

25.Data Access set

26.Reporting Currency

27.Secondar Ledger

28.Secondary To Reporting Ledger

29.Cross Validation

30.Security Rules

31.Revaluation Setups & Process

32.Transalation Setups & Process

33.Consolidation Setups & Process

34.Generating Reports From Financial Reporting Studio(FRS)

35.Generating Reports From Smart View

36.Generating Reports from account Inspector

37.Generating Reports Account Monitor


Oracle Fusion Inventory Agenda :


1.Create Business Unit Locations

2.Create Business Units

3.Enable Business Unit Business Functions

4.Manage Inventory Locations

5.Manage Facility Shift

6.Manage Facility Workday Pattern

7.Manage Facility Schedules

8.Manage Item Organization

9.Manage Inventory Organization

10.Manage Sub-inventories

11.Manage Item Class

12.Create Item

13.Assign Item to Inventory Orgs


Oracle Fusion Purchasing  Agenda:

1.Manage Procurement Agent

2.Manage Purchasing Profile Options

3.Manage Procurement Document Numbering

4.Manage Purchasing Line types

5.Manage Document Styles

6.Manage Purchasing Descriptive Flex fields

7.Manage Requisition Descriptive Flex fields

8.Configure Procurement Business Function

9.Configure Requisition business function

10.Manage Common Options for Procurement and payable

11.Define Receiving Configuration

12.Manage Receiving Parameters

13.Manage Requisition Approvals

14.Manage Purchasing Document Approvals

15.TAB-Setups & Process




Manual Requisition Creation

Process Requisition to Purchase order

Create Manual Standard Purchase Order


Oracle Fusion Accounts Payable s Agenda:


1.Create Business Unit Locations

2.Create Business Units

3.Enable Business Unit Business Functions

4.Assign Legislative Data Group To LE

5.Create Transaction  User

6.Assign Roles To User

7.Manage Ledger Data Access for Users

8.Manage Business Unit Access for Users

9.Create Procurement Agents

10.Common Options For Payables And Procurement

11.Manage Invoice Options

12.Manage Payment Options

13.Create Reference Data Sets

14.Create Payment Terms

15.Create Distribution Sets

16.Specify Supplier Number

17.Assign Supplier Roles to Transaction User

18.Create Supplier with Portal

19.Create Supplier FBDL

20.Create Supplier with Manual

21.Open Period

22.Create Banks

23.Create Bank Branches

24.Create Bank Accounts

25.Create Payment method

26.Create Payment Process Profile




1.standard Invoice

2.Debit memo

3.Credit memo


5.Po-match Invoice

6.Payment Request

7.Recurring Invoice

8.Interst Invoice

9.WHT Invoice

10.Share Service Point

11.Foreign Currency Invoice and Payment Configuration

12.Third Party Payment Configuration & Process

13.Supplier Refund Process

14.Bills Payables Configuration & Process

15.Supplier Merge Process

16.Pay Alone Configuration

17.PPR Process

18.Image Invoice processing

19.Invoice Approval Setups and Process


Oracle Fusion Accounts Receivable Agenda:


1.Application Rule set

2.AR-System Options

3.Statement Cycles


5.Payment Terms

6.Remit to address

7.Customer Profile Class

8.Reference set creation

9.Reference set assign to the Business Unit

10.Manual Customer creation Process

11.Customer Creation Using FBDI

12.Auto accounting Rules

13.Transaction Type

14.Transaction Source

15.Bank - Branch- Account Creation

16.Manage Receivables activity

17.Manage Receipt Class

18.Receipt Source




1.Standard Invoice Creation

2.AR Debit memo

3.AR Credit memo

4.Charge back Inv

5.Invoice Rules

6.Accounting Rules

7.Create Receipt In Spreadsheet

8.Create Remittance Batch

9.Receipt Reversal

10.Write off

11.AR- Refund

12.Miscellaneous Receipts

13.Reciprocal Customers setups and process

14.Cross Currency Receipts

15.File Based Data Import (FBDI) Process - Auto Invoice


Oracle Fusion Cash Management  Agenda:


1.Manual Bank Statement Creation

2.Manual Reconciliation

3.Automatic Reconciliation

4.Eternal Cash Transactions-Manual

5.Generate Cash Transaction-Automatic

6.CM TO GL Reconciliation


Oracle Fusion Fixed Assets  Agenda:


1.Create Value Sets For Category KFF

2.Create Value Sets for Location KFF

3.Create Value Sets for Asset Key KFF

4.Create Category KFF Structure

5.Create Location KFF Structure

6.Create Asset Key KFF Structure

7.Create Category KFF Structure Instance

8.Create Location KFF Structure Instance

9.Create Asset Key KFF Structure Instance

10.Create Segments Values For To 3 KFF Segments

11.Configure system controls

12.Create Fiscal Year Calendar

13.Create Asset Calendar

14.Define Prorate Convention

15.Create Prorate Calendar

16.Create Asset Book

17.Create TAX Book

18.Create Asset Categories

19.Assign Data Asset Book Data Access to user




1.Manual Additions

2.Asset Creation Using ADFdi

3.Mass Addition Process


5.CIP Asset Creation

6.Run Depreciation

7.Asset Retirement

8.Asset Reinstatements

9.File Based Data Import (FBDI) Process to Assets Creation

10.Create accounting Entries & Transfer To GL


Oracle Fusion Fusion TAX Agenda:


1.Create Tax Regime

2.Create Taxes

3.Create Tax Jurisdictions

4.Create Tax Status

5.Create Tax Rates

6.Create Configuration Tax Options

7.Geogarphies -Tax Validation

8.Run Validate Geographies

9.Create Location

10.Assign Location To Supplier Site Assignments




Create Standard invoice and test tax calculation


Oracle Fusion Expenses Agenda


1.System Options

2.Create Expense Report Template

3.Craete Transaction Users

4.Assign Role site Users

5.Manage Approvals




1.Create Expense Report & Submit For Approvals

2.Run Process (Expense Reimbursement)

3.Check Result System will generate Invoice

Course audience

EBS Consultants & jd Edwards consultants and PeopleSoft Consultants

MBA In Finance

 Accounts Domain Experience 

Trainig Hours

Daily batch 6.30 to 8 Am IST (Monday to Friday )

Daily batch 8.30 to 10 Am IST (Monday to Friday )

weekend Batch 6 to 9 Pm IST (Saturday and Sunday)

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