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Oracle CPQ online training

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Course description

Oracle’s best-in-class CPQ (configure, price, and quote) solution helps you improve margins and increase sales productivity. Flexible, scalable, and enterprise-ready, Oracle CPQ Cloud enables you to accurately capture orders for complex products and services and generate quotes within minutes.

Course Content


1. Over View of the Product CPQ.




1. Products Hierarchy, Product & Catalog Definition.

2. Different Rules Types.

3. Rec Items Page Template Settings, Parts/Items.

4. Rules Order & Precedence.

5. Configuration Flow layout & Properties.

6. Introduction to BML & BML functions.

7. Home Page Overview, Punch-in.


General Administration


1. Users.

2. Utilities.

3. Style Sheets (CSS) & Java Scripts.

4. .Developer Tools.(Logs)

5. Migration.

6. General Site Related Options.




1. Over View of Commerce

2. Process Invocation.

3. Diff between Quote & Line.

4. Attributes, Rules, Library Functions, Layout.

5. Process Manger, Data Columns.

6. Steps.

7. Approvals


Course audience

Oracle CPQ online training  

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