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Core HR Training In Hyderabad

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Course description

It is highly challenging for over 90% of the candidates to get a HR job due to lack of practical knowledge on core HR functions. Rainbow  is a Job Oriented  HR Practical training, designed to provide detailed  HR knowledge along with practical implementation. It will help the candidates to learn and to handle all HR management functions independently while in real life environment.

Course Content

Recruitment and Selection

Ø  Introduction

Ø  What is recruitment process?

Ø  Getting the right people, Methods/Sources  of recruitment

Ø  Constraints of recruitment

Ø  Types of hiring’s

Ø  What is Job description?

Ø  How to develop and design a JD

Ø  Selection criteria’s, process & Methods

Ø  Challenges in R & S


Joining Formalities


Ø  Responsibilities of HR

Ø  Types of Joining Documents/checklist   ( For submission and for receiving)

Ø  Issuing  different letters  to a new employee

Ø  Open P file for the new entrant

Ø  Filling Employee ID's/ Access Card Form

Ø  Opening Bank Accounts

Ø  Nomination and Declaration Forms (Statutory Acts)

Ø  Documentation (Pre & post BGV)


Employee On- boarding


Ø  Organizing  Induction and Orientation program

Ø  Welcome an employee

Ø  History of org

Ø  Organization chart

Ø  Introduction of  company policies

Ø  Do's and Don'ts

Ø  Allotment of eligible resources

Ø  Other formalities as per company policy



Time office  Management


Ø  Daily Attendance supervision

Ø  Time office norms & functions

Ø  Joining report , Maintaining Muster roll

Ø  Types of leaves and calculations :

A. Leave concepts,

B. Absenteeism /LWP /Attrition calculations

C. Maintaining leave records

D. Types of reports


Exit Formalities


Ø  Exit Policy and Procedure

Ø  Types of Documentation /Checklist ( For submission and For receiving)

Ø  Exit Interviews

Ø  Issuing required  letters

Ø  Full and Final Settlements

Ø  Calculation of  leave encashment

Ø  Notice period

Ø  Gratuity

Ø  Bonus and other statutory payments


Payroll Management


Ø  What is Cost to company ( CTC) ?

Ø  Components of CTC and their detailed explanation

Ø  Designing of CTC

Ø  Types of Payroll, and its Components

Ø  Guide lines ,Process/timelines ,Payroll Inputs  and disbursement

Ø  Salary Revision &Arrears Calculations

Ø  Types of Incentives & their  calculations

Ø  Payroll Liabilities

Ø  How to Avoid Payroll Discrepancies?

Ø  Payroll Queries

Ø  Payroll Reports Taxation

A.IT slabs

B.IT savings sections & computation of Income Tax

Ø  Pay slips  Generation & Preparation.


Performance Management


Ø  What is Performance management?

Ø  Different types of Appraisal evaluation techniques

Ø  Self assessment

Ø  Annual Appraisal

Ø  Salary Survey

Ø  Analysis and Feedback


Statutory Acts


Ø  Renewal and Registration of all required licenses

Ø  Eligibility , Nomination and declaration forms

Ø  Contributions, Benefits , Form Fillings , Slabs

Ø  Generating reports, Remittance of challans

Ø  Preparation and filing of monthly returns


Shops & Establishment Act,1948

ESI Act .1948

Payment of Bonus Act,1965

EPF & Misc Provisions Act,1952

Course audience

Ø  1. Fresh Graduate from any stream, who wants to launch their HR career

Ø  2. Fresh MBA (HR), who is yet to get a HR job due to lack of practical, real life HR skills

Ø  3. Fresh MBA (Any), who wants to shift into HR domain 

Ø  4. Experienced Professionals from any background, any domain or any industry

Ø  5. HR Recruiters who wants to start career in Generalist HR

 Ø  6. HR Professionals, who want to sharpen & upgrade their HR skills to get faster growth

Trainig Hours

Flexibility Timings Avialable 

Morning And Evening And weekends 

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