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DevOps online training

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Course description

Rainbow DevOps Certification training online and class room course help you learn with in-depth knowledge of various DevOps tools including Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Puppet, Kubernetes and Nagios. Rainbow Offering DevOps Online Training and DevOps Class room training.

Course Content

DevOps Course Content

Overview on DevOps

DevOps principle

Purpose of the DevOps

SDLC in DevOps

Challenges in DevOps

About Continuous Integration

About Continuous Delivery

About Continuous Deployment

Faster Deployments using DevOps

About DevOps Market


GIT(Version Control)

GIT Overview 

Git Installation & Configuration 

Git push, pull, commit, reset, tag, clone

Git Hub

Master & Branches in Git

Remove files from staging location

Branching and merging

Sharing and updating projects



Overview on Jenkins

Jenkins Installation & Configuration

Jenkins plugins installation and configuration

Types of jobs in Jenkins

Parameters & Triggers

Scheduling the jobs

Maven project setup

Pipeline project setup

How to integrate different build and release tools like GIT, Maven, SVN, Tomcat etc.



Overview on Ansible

Installation & configuration

Basic inventory file setup

Basic Concepts

Modules and its use cases

Ansible Playbook and Roles

Application Deployment

AWS instance spin using playbooks



Overview on Docker

Docker Architecture

Containers vs Hyper vision

Docker platform overview and terminologies

Docker Engine




Docker Hub

Introduction to Images

Getting started with Containers

Docker Compose


Managing Images and Containers

Distributing Images on Docker Hub

Basic Container networking

Docker Swarm



Overview on Kubernetes

Architecture of Kubernetes

Installation & configuration of Kubernetes

PODS & Services

Deploying applications on POD


Linux & AWS

Linux Basics

AWS instances setup

How to create instances in AWS

Basics on cloud computing

User Management using IAM



Overview on Terraform

About Terraform script

Modules for Terraform

Terraform to spin up Linux & windo

Course audience

DevOps online training

Trainig Hours

DevOps online training

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