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Apache spark and scala online training

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Course description

  1. Apache Spark is an open-source cluster computing system that provides high-level API in Java, Scala, Python and R. It can access data from HDFS, Cassandra, HBase, Hive, Tachyon, and any Hadoop data source. And run in Standalone, YARN and Mesos cluster manager. Rainbow Offering  Apache spark and scala online training. Rainbow Offering  Apache spark and scala Class Room Training.

Course Content

Scala Object Oriented Programming

ü  Introduction to Scala

ü  Why scala?

ü  Scala vs Java

ü  Installing of Scala

ü  Installing of Sbt

ü  Variable Declarations.

ü  Ranges

ü  Partial Functions

ü  Method Declarations

ü  Literal’s in Scala

ü  Operators

ü  Operator Overloading.

ü  Scala Control Statements.

ü  Call by Name and Call by Value

ü  Pattern Macthings.

ü  Implicit Conversions

ü  Traits

ü  Abstraction

ü  Inheritance

ü  Collections(List,Tuple,Set,Arrays,Array Buffer,Map)


Scala Functional Programming


ü  What is Functional programming?

ü  Diff between Functional and Imperative?

ü  Anonymous Functions

ü  Lambda’s Functions

ü  Clousures.

ü  Currying

ü  Functional Data Structures(Sequences,Map,Stes)

ü  Traversal

ü  Mapping

ü  Flat Mapping

ü  Filtering

ü  Folding and Reducing

ü  Comprahensions

Spark in Detailed


ü  What is Spark?

ü  Why Spark?

ü  Diff between Map Reduce and Spark?

ü  Diff between Spark and Storm?

ü  Installation of Spark on HDFS

ü  Installation of Spark on EC2

ü  What is RDD’s and creation of RDD’s.

ü  Programming with RDD’s.

ü  Working with Key/Value pairs

ü  Loading and saving your Data.

ü  Advanced Spark Programming.

ü  Raunning on a Spark Cluster.

ü  Spark Streaming.

ü  Spark SQL.

ü  Spark MLIB.

ü  Spark Graphix.

ü  Tunning and Debugging Spark.

Kafka in Detailed

ü  What is Kafka?

ü  Why Kafka?

ü  Installing kafka on localmode.

ü  Installing kafka on localmode with multiple servers.

ü  Installing kafka on multiple servers with distributed mode.

ü  Creating Custom Producers.

ü  Creating Custom Consumers.

ü  Integrating Kafka to Storm.

ü  Integrating kafka to Hadoop.

ü  Overview of Kafka Administration.

Project Work

About the Trainer:

ü  Real Time working Professional

ü  Faculty was among few who is directly trained by CLOUDERA

ü  Has experience in delivering Corporate Trainings

ü  Has overall experience of 11 years in IT

ü  3 years of experience in Hadoop and 1 yrs in Spark.

ü  Certified Professional

ü  Trained more than 500 students till now

Highlights of the Course:

ü  Teaching is oriented towards –

ü  Practical oriented & Hands on

ü  o clear understanding of basics

ü  o what to expect as an interview question while topic discussion

ü  Exclusive Access to a variety of latest interview questions and answers

ü  Work on real-time projects(in all tools like – Pig, Hive, Mapreduce & HBase…)

ü  Certification guidance & Material

ü  Hand-outs will be given which would serve as a knowledge-check

ü  Assistance in Resume preparation

ü  Interviews guidance

ü  Corporate level Training

ü  Finally, this training gives you all that are needed to secure a desired job & keeps you get going in your job!


Course audience

Software Developers, Project Managers

ü  Software Architects

ü  ETL and Data Warehousing Professionals

ü  Data Engineers

ü  Data Analysts & Business Intelligence Professionals

ü  DBAs and DB professionals

ü  Senior IT Professionals

ü  Testing professionals

ü  Mainframe professionals

ü  Software Developers, Project Managers

ü  Software Architects

ü  ETL and Data Warehousing Professionals

ü  Graduates looking to build a career in Big Data Field

Trainig Hours

Flexible Timing is available contact admin team.

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