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AWS online training

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Course description

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow.Rainbow offering AWS Online Training and AWS Class Room Training.

Course Content

Overview on AWS Cloud

·         Overview on AWS

·         Cloud Computing Fundamentals (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)

·         On-premise vs Cloud Infrastructure

·         AWS Console Overview

·         Beauty of AWS Market Place

·         AWS GUI vs Command Line Interface

IAM (Identity Access and Management)

·         IAM Overview

·         Roles

·         Security Essentials

·         Best Practices for new accounts

·         IAM Policies

AWS Security Token Service


·         Security Token Service




·         Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

·         EC2 Overview

·         Selecting and Building right set of EC2 Instances

·         Working with public and private IP Addresses

·         Integration of EC2 with Storage Services

·         Working with Elastic Block Storage

·         EBS Volumes and Snapshots

·         EBS Snapshots and Replication

·         High Availability and Fault Tolerant Tools with EC2

·         Auto Scaling

·         Elastic Load Balancer


Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

·         Elastic Beanstalk Essentials

·         Getting Started with Elastic Beanstalk

·         Setup and Configuration

·         Components and Usage



·         AWS Lambda Core Concepts

·         Starting with Lambda Functions





·         RDS Overview

·         Various advantages of RDS

·         Monitoring RDS for performance and availability

·         MySQL DB on RDS

·         Oracle DB on RDS

·         MSSQL on RDS


Amazon Dynamo DB Overview

RedShift Overview


Networking and Content Delivery

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)


·         Network Fundamentals

·         Basic understanding about VPC and VPC Components

·         Secured Infrastructure Deployment using VPC

·         Controlling Ingress – Egress Calls

·         State ful Network vs Stateless Network

·         Securing connections to Private instances

·         Elastic IP Addresses and Elastic Network Interfaces

·         Integration of different department networks

·         Network Monitoring with Flow Logs

Amazon Cloud Front


·         Cloud Front Essentials

·         Key Concepts and Overview

·         Dynamic Content with Cloud Front

·         Cloud Front Reporting

·         WAF in Cloud Front


Messaging Services

Simple Notification Service (SNS)


·         SNS Basics

·         Integration of SNS with other services

·         Notifying end users as per requirement

Simple Queue Service (SQS)


·         SQS Essentials

·         Using SQS to Build Decoupled architectures

·         Message Priority

·         Batch Processing Job Observer

·         Cloud Front Security

·         Performance Considerations with Cloud Front

·         Streaming Media with Cloud Front

·         Forcing HTTPS to the origin

·         Creating Multi-Region Cloud Front Solution




·         Exploring Route53

·         Monitoring Network Traffic using Route53

·         Different Routing Protocols

·         Route53 as DNS Service



Simple Storage Service (S3)


·         S3 Overview

·         Implementation of S3 as a Storage Solution

·         Hosting a Website with S3

·         Cross Account access to S3 resources

·         Logging S3 API Calls

·         S3 Encryption


S3 Glacier


·         S3 Glacier Overview

·         Backup Solution using S3 Glacier


Management and Reporting Tools


·         CloudWatch

·         CloudWatch Overview

·         Basic vs Detailed Monitoring

·         CloudWatch Alarms vs Actions


AWS Cloud Trail


·         CloudTrail Overview

Amazon CloudFormation


·         CloudFormation Essentials

·         Difference of Could Formation & Terraform


Backup & Recovery


·         AMI Backups

·         Restore & Recovery

Course audience

AWS online training

Trainig Hours

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